in a single 3 modules box

  • Indispensable to meet the need of more power supplies in a small space
  • Fast and simple wiring through 3 screw terminals
  • Wide available space inside the box


Opera Plus is the new Fanton patented solution: simple, comfortable, universal.
FANTON, is always one step ahead in developing ideas that meet his customers’ needs.

Easy installation:

  1. Installation of the sockets block inside the three modules box without the need of any support.
  2. Push-on flange fixing
  3. Only 1 connection to power both sockets
  4. Wide available space inside the box

Available in WHITE (standard model and Antibacterial one) or ANTHRACITE GREY colour.
The range is completed with a special version with integrated USB-C port. 

Opera Plus is UNIVERSAL and does not require civil adaptors that increase the size of the plates in the furnishings
Opera Plus keeps order in the connections and simplifies the cabling, eliminating uncomfortable bridges between the sockets.

Places of use:

In any place, civil, commercial, industrial, or tertiary, the products of the Opera Plus line allow to recover and optimize the spaces.
Some examples of areas:

  • In any domestic or working place, to supply the electrical power to PC, TV, or other devices when the plugs are placed behind the furniture.
  • In worktops, such as kitchens or mechanical worktops, to connect electrical appliances or tools.
  • To replace old electrical plates, making their use more functional.
  • To increase the existing electrical sockets.
  • In secondary rooms of the house, where small or large appliances are used, such as laundries or garages.
  • Laboratories and offices, where a lot of sockets are needed to connect several devices or in confined spaces where it is necessary to optimize the connections.
  • In exhibition areas, to supply the power to the several electrical devices that support the stands.
  • In the hotels, especially the rooms, where often there is lack of electrical sockets.